Lessons in Photography

I started this whole crazy journey two years ago when I just wanted to use my point and shoot Canon camera to get better pictures.  I signed up for a class through the University of Utah continuing education.  I quickly learned that to continue my new found hobby I would need new equipment and more classes.  I love learning new techniques and getting to practice what I love doing.  (Little secret…every time I pick up my camera it feels like I get to play.  How fun is that?) Anywho, I signed up for another class recently…How to Photograph People.  This was a logical choice since I am not really a landscapes kinda gal.  I can do it but my love is to capture moments for and of people.  They are so much more interesting than trees.  Sorry trees.

I am going to break up my four day intensive into two posts.  First the lessons I learned.  1 I need to have a clear vision when I know I am going to shoot groups and be decisive. I have this horrible problem of being indecisive.  I am working on that outside of photography as well.  2 quickness is key when working with large groups.  One thing the trees have on people, they will stand there until the end of time to make sure you have the right light, angle, and that single dew drop on the perfect leaf.  People not so much.

My sister demonstrates my second lesson perfectly.  She was a trooper and helped me do an assignment for this class.  It was the morning of and we had only 15 minutes.  Needless to say we were a little crunched.  However we got a number (okay the number is 3) shoots that showed off her personality. I did promise that I would not show her third picture.  As a sister (at least for now) I am upholding that promise.  Sorry but I am sure you will survive.

This next photo is from one of the shoots we did in class.  To be honest it was not a great location.  In a parking lot.  No real vegetation or cool cars to shoot with.  Pretty uninspiring.  I was also having an off night and issues with my camera but it was worth all the headache and heartache because I love this photo.  It is my quintessential summer shot.  If you have a moment like this any time during the year you have achieved summer.


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