YSA Summit

YSA.  It stands for young single adult.  Anyone between the ages of 18-30 falls into this category.  Does anyone else think this is a wide gap of people to lump together?  I mean really.  Anyway, back to the point of this post, Every year this group gets together to enjoy a weekend of food, friends, fun, and learning (that just ruined everything didn’t it?).  They have keynote speakers, run a 5K, and on Friday night they have some kind of entertainment.  This year it was local bands followed by Alex Boye.  All of the performers did a great job.  They had the weather to contend with. The sequence was clouds, rain, downpour, rainbow, sun and then start all over again.  Oh and it was windy, like tie yourself down windy but, like the true professionals and performers they all were, the show went on as it must.

First Up The John Burgoyne Band.  They are from Holladay, Utah.  They play a little reggae and a little rock ‘n roll.

Anna Kaelin and her band were pulling double duty acting as MC and performing 2 separate sets.  Anna did a great job getting the crowd excited for each performer.

Alex Boye is a local performer.  He is originally from England.  He does a great show covering Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, and the Temptations to name a few.


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