Benefit the Bennion

The Bennion Center on the University of Utah campus is the hub of service on campus.  They have many students involved in a variety of capacities.  The Bennion Center is a volunteer organization that works on donations, both time and money.  They encourage students to be involved in the community.  They also host one service project each month.  These range from city clean-up to one of my favorites…Trick or Can…which benefits the Utah food bank, in addition to helping gain numbers for our rivalry food drive with BYU.

Recently the Bennion Center hosted a benefit concert.  The director of the Bennion Center gave the LDSSA and Institute of Religion a number of free tickets. (This time the number was more than 3.)  Since I am currently serving on the student leadership board I was able to attend this great event.

Who was the performer?  Local celebrity Jon Schmidt.  Jon brought along his cellist Steven Sharp Nelson.  These two have been friends for years.  They easily interact with one another for a fun and up beat show.  Plenty of joking and talented playing.  Jon is probably most well known not for his many appearances on EFY (especially for youth) Cd’s but for his match up of Taylor Swift’s Love Story and Coldplay’s Viva la Vida which received over 3 million hits on YouTube.

I hope you enjoy some of the pictures from this night.  It was such a fun event to shoot.

Does anyone else feel the need to break into a verse…if it can be called such…of Manamana?


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