Hawaiian Luau

Okay so I may be a bit misleading on the title of this post but I did recently enjoy a Hawaiian Luau just not in Hawaii.  In all honesty I couldn’t even pretend I was in Hawaii.  I was freezing.  We lucked out and picked the coldest night of the week.  Great for a date, not so much for my flash.  I had major issues and often cursed the darn thing under my breath.

The LDSSA hosted a Hawaiian date night.  There was yummy food and great entertainment.  A local Polynesian dance group came and performed and the best part was the fire dancer.  If only because it warmed us up a bit.  A very little bit but I will take it. Oh to be truly in Hawaii.  I will gladly accept a ticket to that paradise any day.

I just love the face of the guy in this picture.  He is literally mesmerized by her hips.  As Shakira says, “Hips don’t Lie”.

Check out the rest of the pictures at my facebook page. Happy Friday!


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