One of the pluses or minuses depending on the day is that your picture hangs in the main atrium all year long.  People look at these pictures.  Usually it is only when they are procrastinating studying or just plain bored, nonetheless they are seen.

M’kynzi our historian and a good friend of mine was not so happy with her picture.  Instead of suffering through the year in silence, wincing every time she passed this wall she asked if I would retake her picture.  I was happy to help and in return got some fun shots.  What started as fixing a not so flattering portrait turned into a mini photo session.  I love shooting people because once they loosen up a bit you get to see true personalities take shape.  Some of the shyest people I know become hams when a camera is present and they finally let go a little.  M’kynzi thank you so much for humoring me.  It was a pleasure to shoot you and would do it again anytime gladly.

The one stipulation M’kynzi gave me in allowing this session to be blogged about was that I get a shot of her shoes.  So here are two.  One in color and one in B&W.


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