A Utah Man Am I

Homecoming week is always fun.  The school spirit is so thick you can cut it with a knife.  Senior class president Morgan S did such a great job organizing homecoming week this year.  One of many activities was the Crimson Rally.  It was kicked off by Songfest.  Usually dominated by Greek Row few other groups have felt they could attend or even participate.  This year there was an exception made and Sigma Gamma Chi (the LDS Fraternity) not only competed but were crowned the victors of this fun tradition.

Santa even stopped by to wish the DG’s luck.  It worked they won the Sorority side of things.

SGC-the winners

After all the performances were done we went outside to enjoy the pep rally.  The marching band, cheerleaders, & Swoop were there to get us excited for the game on Saturday.  The score for those wondering was 56-3 Utah.

The crazy lady was also in attendance.  She won ESPN’s craziest/best fan this year.  We love her and know that she is as much apart of the Muss as those mighty Utah students.  We let here have the first swing at the car we were set to demolish. I will just say it we know how to destroy a car.

In the end all or at least a good majority who attend the University of Utah feel like this:

Good luck to those who have yet face us.  When you play at the U the biggest opponent you face is the Muss.  A Utah Man Am I!


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