The Gateway Mall

There were seven of us.  Some drove long ways others gave up tickets to the weekend football game to be in attendance but we more than made up for it.  My friend Anna was shooting a music video and wanted some fun shots to open the video with.  We headed to the Gateway Mall downtown armed with a few easy costume changes and a point ‘n  shoot camera to get the job done.  I couldn’t have been happier with the out come.  I also have this amazing idea for an entire photo shoot done in the fountains.  They are some of the funnest pictures I have shot.  I sometimes feel like you need a photographer and boom box wherever you go that way you never have a shortage of theme music and can remember all those fun and crazy things you promised yourself you would never do.  Here’s to dancing in the fountains when you know it isn’t age appropriate.

Here is the whole group plus some guy I couldn’t seem to photoshop quite right.


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