My Happy List

Last Sunday while sitting in church and not paying total attention I came up with a new idea for a list.  I don’t do this often but it seemed like a good thing to do at the time.  I thought I could turn it into a photography project and post through out the year those things that make my happy list.

The idea came from it being the Thanksgiving season and while most people make at least one post discussing what they are grateful for I thought why not post those things that make me happy.  They tend to be one in the same.  I find I am happiest when I am grateful for my blessings and opportunities.

Explanations aside this weeks happy item is fall colors.  I love fall.  I used to dread it since it meant that winter would be fast approaching, but in recent years I have decided I will just love the colors and deal with the cold and snow when it gets here.  Seeing the first leaves change color brings a smile to my face and I always and stop just for a second to appreciate the beauty that is everywhere in nature.


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