A commentary on Birthdays…

Do you remember when you were a little kid and all you could think about was Christmas or your birthday.  You would take the newspaper samplers and circle all the things you wanted.  I have to admit my list at times got fairly extensive.  If it was pink or purple and I could in some way pretend I was a princess, it was on my list.  As I got older and went to school my birthday became synonymous with Christmas break.  I was happy to have friends who still made a big deal of the day I was born.  I had a harder time coming up with what I wanted because I was busy thinking about what I would get everyone else.  (I like it better that way to be honest.)  Now as an “adult” (I still don’t feel like I qualify for that title) birthday’s are just another day of the year.  I get up and aside from all the birthday wishes it’s just another day, laundry needs to be done, hobbies are pursued, and I am happy to spend the evening with my family watching a Disney movie and feeling like I am eight again.

I remember that all I wanted for my eighth birthday was snow for Christmas.  Yes, you read correctly I wanted a Christmas wish for my birthday.  Well that wish came true.  A few days late but it happened.  In honor of my eighth birthday when all I wanted was snow.  It started to ‘flake’ as I was driving home.  The funny thing is I was thinking about that eighth birthday today and remembering how magical it was for a little girl to see that birthday wishes do come true.  I guess that little girl still lives on and sometimes needs to be reminded that magic does happen.

Today’s picture is because I believe every girl should get some kind of flower for her birthday and even though I love the Christmas season and the snow, I am missing spring just a little bit.


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