Blizzard Weather

The weather in Utah is unpredictable. At least that is how it feels especially during the winter months.  I sometimes think I could be the weather girl.  How hard can it be?  All you do is look at a giant map and then tell everyone what you think is going to happen.  If you are wrong no big deal you can be forgiven.  This was the story a few weeks ago.  The ‘blizzard’ of 2010.  The general population was in a panic.  Classes were canceled, people left work early to get home and hunker down.  I had visions of hot chocolate and a roaring fire to keep us warm since the power was to go out.  There was a slight panic.  Even inanimate objects were gearing up for what was to be the storm of the decade.

This is what we ended up with a few (i.e. 3 inches) and some really fun pictures.

Here’s hoping you stay warm and get all your Christmas shopping done incident free.


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