LDSSA Christmas Reunion

Parties are in no short supply this time of year.  You have family parties, work parties, school parties, and friend parties. The best party/event I went to this holiday season was my reunion with members of the 2008-2009 LDSSA Council.  I love these guys and always look forward to getting together.  We have grown a little as people have gotten married but it just makes for more memories and laughs.  After we had an amazing dinner and fun opening white elephant gifts, a small group of us decided to go see the luminaries at the local cemetery.  Yes you did read that correctly, I said cemetery.  It was a bit unconventional but it was a great evening and really a gorgeous setting.

A slight explanation…two years ago we found this sombrero in the ‘bowling alley’.  It soon began popping up in pictures we took throughout the year.  Someone saved it and waited for this moment to give it as a white elephant gift.  These next two photos were taken after it was stolen from the original opener.  Yes it says Mexico on it.  Where else would you get a sombrero that cool?

The cemetery

Frosty is everywhere.  It is a little creepy.

One of the items on my happy list are these people.  I learned so much from them and they continue to make me learn things about myself.  One of the best Christmas presents I received didn’t come under the tree it came around a table at 6:30 in the morning.


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