Each year I sit and think about what the next year will bring.  I think and plan, wonder what the next year will look like.  I set goals that usually last a week and then I get busy or fall back into old habits.  This year I have yet to do anything in the goal setting arena.  Our family was working toward my brother coming home.  Now that he has life can go on.

There are some things that are a given as I plan for the next year.  I know I am shooting my first wedding, will continue working with LDSSA, and I know that I really know nothing about how this year will go.  I thought I had an idea about how the last two years would go and I never dreamed I would accomplish and succeed where I have.  Life is funny that way.  Plans were made and goals were set but life had a funny way of pointing me in a new direction or back to an old direction I had previously forgot about.

I can’t wait to see what 2011 has in store for me.  Just when I think life can’t get better it does and I am surprised every time.

Happy New Year!


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