Favorite Things

I am starting something new.  Since January is the month of resolutions and setting goals I figure it is the perfect time to try something new.  I am adding a favorite things recurring post.  I am not sure how great this will be or how long it will last.  I do think it will be something fun to do that will hopefully make me look at and appreciate the details in life.  Without further ado today’s favorite thing is…

Rick Astley.

copyright Sony Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd

Yes I know a person isn’t a thing but I have been listening to his Pandora station while editing this weeks wedding.  His music is up beat and fun.  (While I am at it…if you aren’t on Pandora you should be.  They do a great job putting music together and have an uncanny way of predicting what I want to listen to next.)

80’s pop is really great for editing weddings.  It is upbeat, happy, and fun, just like the atmosphere of a wedding.  Rick Astley is no exception.  While his music can all sound similar or the same, I like it so this doesn’t bother me.  Happy MLK day and Happy Monday.


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