Sunrise, Sunset

Sunrise, Sunset.  One of my least favorite songs from Fiddler on the Roof.  It just drags and let’s be honest it’s not that hard to memorize the lyrics.  However, in spite of it not being my favorite song it was a perfect title for today’s post.  I love sunrises and sunsets for different reasons and if I am being honest I think I like sunsets better.

These two bookends signify a beginning and an ending.  I love waking up knowing that I can start anew, likewise, I love to fall asleep at night thinking about how productive I have been. (I am very ‘glass is half full’ in the evening.)  Aside from the idealistic notions in my head, light in the morning and evening is awesome.  I love shooting in it.  I have yet to take a photo in the ‘magic’ hour that I haven’t loved.  Light is my friend.  Especially this light.

Finally, I love sunsets because it means the sun was out and isn’t life just better when the sun is shining.  In the middle of January it can be gray and cold and just plain yuck.  When the sun is shining even though it is 20 degrees outside life just seems a little brighter.  How apropos that I am writing this post as the snow is falling and I am feeling a little like I am in the middle of a snow globe?


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