Here I am sitting in my office staring at my computer.  I know I should post something new or push myself to accomplish a new project.  I have work that really should get done and phone calls that need to be made.  I look at my to do list and wonder if I stare long enough will it magically shrink?  The answer is no.

I have a hate relationship with February.  By the time I reach this month I am done with winter.  I am sick of gray and brown and 30 degree highs.  I long for the days of golf outings, shorts, and campfires up the canyon.  I routinely wish for a beach and clear blue water.  I even resort to singing Disney songs in my head and planning my return to Disneyland.  However, despite my best efforts a couple of days out the year I am completely uninspired.  Hoping that Punxsutawney Phil is right and Spring will come early this year I will endure this cold and dreary world until the grass turns green and the flowers start to pop.

In the meantime I wonder what is the best way to pull yourself out of a creative funk?


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