LDSSA Excellence in Education

Each Spring the students of the LDSSA submit names nominating a teacher they feel has made learning an experience they look forward to and enjoy.  There are no guidelines other than to name your favorite teacher on campus.  After the winner has been selected the faculty, past winners, and students gather to recognize the achievements of the individual. 

This years winner was Professor David Temme a professor in the biology department.  As we listened to three of his students they explained that Professor Temme not only taught material that needed to be learned, but taught concepts and critical thinking to help students solve problems.  One student even commented that often Professor Temme’s tests contained questions that had not be taught but if you thought about how to solve the problem it could be done. 

While three of his students shared their experience and admiration for Professor Temme you couldn’t help but feel at times that you were on the outside of an inside joke.  It is something special to see someone who has touched lives and continues to do so.

Congratulations Professor Temme! Thank you for all you dedication and excellence in teaching.


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