What would you do?

I recently drove up Big Cottonwood Canyon to do a little location scouting.  I am always looking for new spots to photograph and it keeps my eye sharp.  Looking for places to photograph people makes me look at the world around me.  I consistently ask myself what type of photo could I get here?  I think it makes me better and more creative.

As my brother and I drove up the canyon I would occasionally yell, “STOP! this place is perfect.”  He would then pull the car over and I would get out and start snapping away.  (side note: I love digital, I can take as many images as my SD cards can hold.  It’s great!)  At a couple of spots I wondered to myself what would I do to get the shot I really wanted?  Was I willing to walk through freezing snow melt?  Would I risk life and limb climbing a rock in tennis shoes, a camera around my neck, and no safety ropes?  What if I was having my picture taken, would I trust my photographer and do whatever it took to get the shot?

I came to the conclusion that the solid answer was yes.  I was willing to make a fool of myself, risk my health, and even my nerves for that “one shot”.  It was a confidence boosting thought, I was willing to do anything I would ask potential clients to do.  I have laid in parking lots, climbed trees, rocks, and cement walls, ripped clothing (back pockets specifically), and gotten dirty all for the “shot”.  I can honestly say it has always been worth it.

One final shot because people are important too.  This is the brother who was kind enough to come with me on this little excursion.  Thanks Austin!



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2 responses to “What would you do?

  1. Wow, what a pretty place!

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