Stars & Stripes

I love holidays.  I often say that my favorite holiday is the one coming up.  I love each holiday for different reasons and for different lengths of time.  I get into some holidays more than others but I love them all.

With today being Independance Day I thought I would list why I love this holiday.

  1. BBQ – I love food and the 4th has some of the best.  I am unashamed to eat ribs, get sauce on my face, and eat as though I may never eat again.  (I have mastered the art of eating and not getting food all over me.)
  2. The Flags – I get a little choked up when I see so many of the stars and stripes in any one location.  I often catch sight of a flag and am reminded how much sacrifice and service has been given so I can enjoy the freedoms of life.  The flag serves as a great reminder of the gratitude I should feel.
  3. Red, White, & Blue – These are some of my favorite colors.  Why? refer to #2.
  4. Music – Music has the ability to convey so much with just a few notes and words.  I love the music of the 4th.  I was very excited sitting in church yesterday knowing that the hymns we would sing were all patriotic hymns.  I love to sing the national anthem even though I do it half way on key and miss some of the words in the 2nd & 3rd verses.
  5. Fireworks – Who doesn’t love fireworks?  They are awesome.  I am awe struck with the colors and images they produce.  I revert to being a kid again whenever I hear fireworks.  I resemble the scene in ‘The Sandlot’ when they are playing the night game on the 4th.  The fireworks start and all the boys look to the sky and forget about the game.  This would be me.  The rest of the world melts away when the fireworks come on.

I am so grateful for the sacrifice that was made by the forefathers.  I love this country and this holiday.

Happy Independence Day!  Stay safe with all your celebrating.


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