Leap Day

In 2010 there was a cute little chick flick called “Leap Year”.  It starred Amy Adams and Matthew Goode.  The story was of a girl who was traveling to Dublin in order to propose marriage to her boyfriend.  But where did this tradition start of women proposing marriage on Leap Day?

One story claims the tradition was started by St. Patrick although many are doubtful of that.  Queen Margaret of Scotland is also credited with the tradition.  However, she would have been 5 and living in Finland at the time.  Many (including me) find it hard to believe that a 5 year old would have been toiling and loosing sleep over women’s marriage plight (having to wait to be proposed to).  Many place the traditions start sometime in the early 19th century but no such law has been found on the books.

Whatever the origins one thing remains the same…today is a day that women can be bold enough to ask their beaus to fish or cut bait.  Know too, if the woman is turned down it is customary for the man to buy her a gift to lessen the blow.

Happy Sadie Hawkins Day (Leap Day)!



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