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A Show with Michelle Branch

I love seeing live music.  I love the feel and energy that a crowd and performer experience together.  The only thing I love more than attending live music shows is photographing them.  I find it challenging and so rewarding.  I recently saw Michelle Branch perform at the Salt Lake Community College.  Graham Colton opened for her and it was an amazing show.

Specific to this show there were signs prohibiting the use of cameras.  We even had to make a run back to the car in order to stash them safely since we couldn’t bring them into the venue.  However, they did not confiscate cell phones and I was able to sneak a couple of pictures.  I only wish I could have shot with my nice camera but I worked with what I had.


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A Senior Recital

It was about 5:00pm on a Tuesday evening.  I was on my way to the University of Utah campus to pick up a friend and make our way to Sarah’s senior recital.  Sarah is graduating this May in Music Performance with an emphasis on violin performance.  I have to admit I have always been jealous of those who have a gift for music.  I know they spend many hours practicing but somehow it always seems like a gift to me since I don’t have musical ability.  I am often asked to either turn the radio up louder or just stop singing altogether, the piano is not much better.   I digress…I was looking forward to seeing Sarah perform in this capacity.  We arrived at the Libby Gardner music hall (which is gorgeous), found Sarah, and offered our best wishes for the performance. 

Sarah had asked that I take photos of her playing and I was more than happy to oblige.  I can’t think of much that is better for the soul than classical music and being able to shoot at the same time.  Really…when does this happen?   Sarah is a talented and incredible violinist who warmed my heart through her talent.  I hope that I can repay the favor when she sees the images capturing what she loves.

Congratulations Sarah!  You did an amazing job. Even though there are no photos I thought you should know…your red heels rocked!

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The Sound Board

I don’t know a lot about the technical side or musical side of music.  I have a hard time finding the note I should be singing and my siblings often ask me ‘Who sings this song?’ when I reply they retort with, ‘Let’s keep it that way’.  However, this has yet to keep me from singing in the car or shower and on special occasions in public.  With all I don’t know I do know I love looking at sound boards.  If you asked me to work one I would laugh at you but they have always interested me.  On Saturday night the LDSSA held a talent show.  While the talent was good and I did get some shots of the performers I was drawn over and over the piece of equipment that controlled the show.

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Anna Kaelin @ The Avalon Theater

The Avalon Theater is known for its hard rock and metal concerts.  Small or lesser known bands play the venue.  There are mosh pits and even something referred to as the wall of death.  So you can imagine my surprise when my friend Anna called and asked if I would shoot a show she was doing at the Avalon.  This was not the venue I thought for local talent with a country flair.  However, it was a great venue.  I could have a lot of fun doing a staged shoot there.  I had a great time shooting in a great location.

Good luck in Nashville Anna!

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Songs for Skyler-The Event

About a month ago I posted about an event Songs for Skyler.  It was a fundraiser to help pay for Skyler’s medical bills.  He is suffering from Leukemia. You can follow his story here.  I have finally gotten to editing the pictures from this awesome event.  It was so much fun and lots of great talent.  I was so touched by everyone’s willingness to give to this cause.  In total we were able to raise close to $5,400.  Thanks to everyone who helped and attended this event. Just know you are appreciated.

And really one bonus picture.  I thought this girl was just too cute.  This was towards the end of the evening and even I was lagging a little.

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