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Bridals at Le Chateau

It was chilly but the sun was shining and I knew it was going to be a good day.  I headed to Provo to attend a workshop taught by Marvell Smith of Vellvet Images.  After going over some of the basics of posing brides we were let loose with gorgeous dresses and beautiful girls.

I have always loved bridal photography.  The wedding day is great but the bridal session is all about the bride and making her feel like the princess she is.  There is  a confidence that comes out when a girl puts on her wedding dress with all the accessories and can see herself as a bride, sometimes for the first time.  I love being apart of that transformation.

Images are of Lauren James Bridal gowns at Le Chateau Events.

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4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

While reading a wedding blog I follow I ran across an article titled, “The Importance of Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer”.  In the article the author described why you would want to hire a professional on your wedding day.  While reading I began making a list of all the reasons a bride should hire a professional photographer.  Here are my top 4…

1. Lighting.  Starting from the very beginning of your wedding photography experience your photographer will be thinking about lighting.  This is a crucial element of great photography and your photographer has been trained to find the best light.  Lighting can be especially difficult for LDS brides who often exit the temple between 11 am & 1 pm.  Arguably the worst time of day to take pictures.  However, a skilled photographer can make amazing pictures in any light.

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You Can’t Teach Tall

I wasn’t sure how to write this post.  What direction it should go in or how I would organize my thoughts.  You can’t teach tall.  I heard this about a week ago and it stuck with me.  Why?  Because there are somethings in life you can’t teach.  You either are or you’re not.

  • You can’t teach tall.
  • You can’t teach short.
  • You can’t teach attitude.
  • You can’t teach a smile.
  • You can’t teach an emotion.
  • You can’t teach an eye.

Some of the list above you might be able to learn but I have discovered that usually personalities don’t change all that much.  In terms of photography I can shoot with someone in the same location of the same subject and our pictures will be different.  I can’t teach someone how I see the world.  I can show you through my photos but even if you were to copy there would be differences.  This is a beautiful part of what makes the world go around.  It takes all kinds.

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What would you do?

I recently drove up Big Cottonwood Canyon to do a little location scouting.  I am always looking for new spots to photograph and it keeps my eye sharp.  Looking for places to photograph people makes me look at the world around me.  I consistently ask myself what type of photo could I get here?  I think it makes me better and more creative.

As my brother and I drove up the canyon I would occasionally yell, “STOP! this place is perfect.”  He would then pull the car over and I would get out and start snapping away.  (side note: I love digital, I can take as many images as my SD cards can hold.  It’s great!)  At a couple of spots I wondered to myself what would I do to get the shot I really wanted?  Was I willing to walk through freezing snow melt?  Would I risk life and limb climbing a rock in tennis shoes, a camera around my neck, and no safety ropes?  What if I was having my picture taken, would I trust my photographer and do whatever it took to get the shot?

I came to the conclusion that the solid answer was yes.  I was willing to make a fool of myself, risk my health, and even my nerves for that “one shot”.  It was a confidence boosting thought, I was willing to do anything I would ask potential clients to do.  I have laid in parking lots, climbed trees, rocks, and cement walls, ripped clothing (back pockets specifically), and gotten dirty all for the “shot”.  I can honestly say it has always been worth it.

One final shot because people are important too.  This is the brother who was kind enough to come with me on this little excursion.  Thanks Austin!


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Battle at F-stop Ridge

Because it’s Saturday and sunny.  Because I wish I could be a battle like this.  Because I laughed until I cried…I’m sharing this video with you.


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