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PSA Salt Lake Open – The Finals

The finals took place on July 30 at 4pm.  It was warm outside and the sun was shining.  I knew the sun out equaled a good thing for me since the club has skylights and I needed all the light I could get.  It was an exciting match that included a medical time out to take care of a bleeding knee.  I wasn’t sure if the match would ever start back up again but after a lot of pressure and bandages the two finalists got back in the court and finished a great match.  Julian Illingworth won 3 games to 1 against Shawn Delierre.

The Finalists…

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PSA Salt Lake City – Semi finals

The semi finals were a bit easier to shoot.  I’m not sure what it was exactly but my camera seemed to just work better and read the light easier.

My friend M’kynzi came and watched.  She had never seen squash before and I don’t think she was disappointed.  I for one felt like she got her money’s worth.

There was a lot going on in this round and bonus: my favorite shot of the tournament came from it.

Favorite shot of the tournament…


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PSA Salt Lake City Open – 1st Round/Quarter Finals

Last week I was lucky enough to shoot the PSA Salt Lake City Open.  I have watched this event for 7 years and it was so fun to photograph.  I learned a lot about my camera, my style, and how to shoot fast subjects in dark locations.  It wasn’t easy but so worth it.  Over the week I will post my favorite shots from each of the rounds.  Today…1st round and quarter finals.  The 1st round consisted of 8 games, 2 courts, & 4 start times.  I stayed primarily on court 1 but ventured down to court 3 occasionally.  It was my first night and I learned a lot.

The next evening was the quarter finals.  It was a long night but great squash.

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One of my pictures from the SLC Squash Open was used on this website.  You can read the full article here.

Today’s been a good day.

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Salt Lake Open-Sneak Peek

This week The Squashworks has hosted the Salt Lake City Squash Open.  While I don’t play squash I definitely enjoy and appreciate the game.

This year I am photographing the event.  I have always loved sports photography and have been grateful for this awesome opportunity.  There are plenty of pictures to go around and I will be posting them all as soon as I catch up.  For now I will only post a sneak peek.  It is one of my favorite images from the tournament so far.


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